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04 February 2021
Four School Districts Review Alelo AI Teaching Assistants

  Four technology-forward K-12 school districts reviewed Alelo’s artificial intelligence avatars for teaching students. Here are some highlights: “In one sentence, Alelo has created a REVOLUTIONARY product! So innovative, so applicable, so relevant, and so timely! Kudos to Alelo’s development team!” Dr. Jasna Aliefendic, Technology Applications Coordinator,Teaching & Learning DevelopmentGarland Independent School District, Texas “We...

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13 January 2021
Webinar: Why Alelo is a Great Investment Opportunity

  Alelo is running an Equity Crowdfunding campaign that allows individuals to become a shareholder in the company with as little as $276. We invite you to learn more in this webinar where you can: Find out how COVID-19 caused a shift to online learning which spiked Alelo usage 200% in 2020. Discover the recent...

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06 January 2021
Get Personal with Alelo’s CEO. Read the Interview with Shoutout LA.

  Alelo CEO, Lewis Johnson, shares with Shoutout LA the reasons he spun Alelo out of the University of Southern California and his favorite things to do in Los Angeles, California where Johnson resides and Alelo is based. Shoutout LA takes a more personal approach to interviews, focusing on the relationships that small business leaders...

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29 December 2020
Alelo Tackles the Huge Problem of Workforce Reskilling in 2021

  Re-skilling displaced workers is essential for a post-COVID 2021 recovery. But rapid reskilling requires a radical rethink as to how training should be done. Alelo is adapting its revolutionary avatar training technology to meet the urgent need of reskilling the workforce in half as much time as traditional methods.  Since its inception, Alelo has...

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04 November 2020
Alelo Introduces Enskill Spanish

  We’re excited to introduce Enskill® Spanish, a revolutionary way for middle schools and high schools to teach the Spanish language using AI-driven avatars for conversational practice and personalized feedback. Enskill Spanish can help anyone improve their conversational Spanish, but it is particularly well suited for students who have limited interaction with teachers—because they are...

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02 September 2020
TIRF Highlights Alelo’s Avatar-Based Learning Resources to Help English Language Learners Recover Lost Ground Due to COVID-19

  The International Research Foundation (TIRF) for English Language Education featured Alelo’s Enskill English avatar-based learning products as a technology resource to help English Language Learners recover lost ground during COVID-19.  For over two decades, TIRF’s non-profit mission has been to promote research and best practices that inform and enrich English language education in multilingual...

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