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08 July 2021
Alelo CEO Shares Artificial Intelligence Expertise at The Learning Ideas Conference

As a global thought leader in the artificial intelligence space for learning, Alelo CEO Dr. Lewis Johnson was invited to speak at The Learning Ideas Conference 2021. For highlights from the conference talk, including how Alelo has used its AI technology during COVID-19 to solve teaching problems, how teachers should approach the use of educational...

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22 June 2021
Alelo Wins Runner-Up in the International E-Learning Award

Alelo’s Enskill® platform with its avatar-based artificial intelligence learning wins an International E-Learning Award from the International E-Learning Association (IELA) for educational soundness, effectiveness, usability, and overall significance. We were in good company, second only to Microsoft Corporation.  Using cutting-edge natural language processing and speech recognition, Enskill personalizes online learning by allowing learners to engage...

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16 June 2021
Alelo Launches Avatar-Based Online Course to Meet Surging Demand for Healthcare Workers and Rapidly Build Skills in Unemployed/Underemployed

In March 2021, the US economy added 916,000 jobs but only 7,000 went to workers with high school diplomas but no college degree. Alelo’s technology has the potential to change that, rapidly building new skills that lead to higher-paying jobs with upward career potential. On May 10th Alelo launched its technology-driven reskilling course to a...

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15 June 2021
New Faces Onboard at Alelo

Alelo welcomes two additions to our new reskilling product team. Both team members will help roll out reskilling solutions to the corporate market, specifically our new Community Health Worker training course and placement program to healthcare providers and employers. Katie Robinson, Community Health Worker Instructor Katie leads the class instruction for our new Community Health...

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04 May 2021
Alelo Launches Flagship Corporate Training Product in 5 Days!

Alelo has long been the world-leader in avatar-based experiential learning for academia and government. Now we’re pleased to release our flagship product for the corporate market on Monday, May 10th. The new product will focus on upskilling and reskilling workers at least twice as fast as conventional training methods. While the product technology will work...

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22 April 2021
Alelo Offers Job Training for Free to 350 Displaced Workers in Hampton Roads, Virginia

To meet the surging demand for healthcare workers in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area – and provide new career opportunities in healthcare for the unemployed and underemployed – Alelo is providing job training for the COVID-19 public-health response at no charge to 350 displaced workers beginning in May. Working in partnership with the Hampton Roads...

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