Alelo explores business ties with Futech Institute of AI Languages Education Research in Seoul, Korea

Alelo and Futech Institute of AI Languages Education Research signed a Memorandum of Understanding to explore AI-driven language learning opportunities in Seoul, Korea, and other countries collaboratively.

The two organizations will begin hosting authorized officials from the other organization to learn each other’s artificial intelligence language programs. The intent is to develop joint English language programs for teachers and students to be offered directly through Futech Institute. Futech Institute will target universities, private learning centers, and grade schools in Seoul with the new AI offering. “Korea is an important and growing market for English language learning products. Alelo is excited to have a local partner to work with us to address this market,” said Alelo CEO, Dr. Lewis Johnson.

Alelo will also explore incorporating into its own products some of the custom AI English language learning technology developed by Futech Institute’s parent company, Ailanger Worldwide, with the end goal of the two organizations co-selling the products globally.

Alelo offers cloud-based learning products worldwide, with customers in over 25 countries.

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