Enskill® English


Students converse online with Artificial Intelligence (AI) avatars in immersive simulations that reflect authentic scenarios. A student’s specific responses to the avatar direct the simulation’s path, creating a unique experience for each student and each practice session. Avatars mimic the culture, behavior, and gestures of native English speakers, providing deep language immersion.

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Accelerate Student Fluency Asynchronously

Build proficiency and confidence in English language learners

Use authentic simulated scenarios to develop student behavior patterns that make real-life speaking encounters feel comfortable.

Foster confidence by allowing students to converse in private without the fear of public failure.

Increase the amount of practice students get. Students enjoy interacting with the avatars and as a result practice more often. They can practice anytime, anywhere as often as desired.

Let the AI provide personalized pronunciation and grammar exercises based on student and avatar conversations.

Reduce Teacher Time on Assessments and Rote Practice Sessions

Give teachers more time for classroom instruction

Easily monitor student progress. Insightful dashboards show a student’s proficiency, the time spent practicing, and the performance of each practice session.

Identify students who may be struggling to provide one-on-one help.

Make classroom teaching more effective since students come to class better prepared and more confident to speak.

Use in small or large classrooms.

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Boost Program Effectiveness

Lower costs while personalizing online learning

Better prepare language learners with the specific English skills required for academic and career readiness, including skills required under CEFR, ILR and ACTFL international employability standards.

Use effectively with ESL and ELA students in 3rd grade through college.

Enhance student motivation with engaging avatars, leading to increased program satisfaction.

Increase student-to-teacher ratios to help overcome teacher shortages


Enskill English has been used by educational institutions and schools in 21 countries


Track institution, class, or student performance through a powerful dashboard

Deep Language Immersion

Avatars simulate English culture behaviors in authentic situations


Learn anytime, anywhere on a mobile, desktop, or virtual reality headset

Unlimited Practice

Students can converse with avatars as often as desired

AI Powered Platform

Integrates with a LMS and provides continual improvement to lessons through machine learning


Student responses to avatars direct unique experiences and immediate, personalized feedback

Easily Scalable

A subscription model allows for the addition of students at minimal cost

Enskill® English is a finalist in the 2019 British Council’s ELTons Award for digital innovation in English language teaching!

“Well put together and engaging, and a fun way to practice speaking.”

-ELTons Award Judge


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