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08 June 2020
Alelo Webinar Series: The Future of Artificial Intelligence and Human Learning

To provide insight into the promise and potential of this new technology, Alelo offers a webinar series on the Future of AI in Education. We will look at the impact of AI on the experience of learners and teachers, the education and training industry, and the global economy. Seminar speakers will include Alelo experts as...

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25 May 2020
Alelo’s Fundraising Campaign to Transform Online Learning During and After COVID-19

When the COVID-19 crisis hit and schools and training centers closed, people were focused on getting used to the new videoconferencing tools such as Zoom. As we discussed in our webinar Developing Communication Skills in the Age of Social Distancing, it is hard to provide a learning experience as good as face-to-face instruction using videoconferencing...

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20 May 2020
Technavio Names Alelo a Leading Player in the Global Gaming Simulators Market

Alelo was named a leading player in the global gaming simulators market according to “Gaming Simulators Market Competitive Insights 2020” by Technavio. We’re in good company… around twenty-five leading players were named in the report including major market participants like Sony Corp., The AEgis Technologies Group, 3D perception Inc., CKAS Mechatronics Pty Ltd., Cruden BV,...

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07 May 2020
You can now own equity in Alelo – for a limited time

For a limited time, Alelo is offering the opportunity for a ground-floor investment in our industry leading company that has had over 500,000 users and $55 million in cumulative revenue – starting at just $276.

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28 January 2020
Alelo CEO Lewis Johnson Interviewed in CEOCFO Magazine

Alelo started out as a research project funded by DARPA at the University of Southern California. The idea was could we use video game and AI technology to develop a better way of learning foreign languages. Alelo’s AI Simulations are being used around the world to Practice and Assess Communication Skills.

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05 December 2019
Alelo Announces New Platform for Learning Communication Skills in AI Simulations

In Alelo’s most recent course Enskill Effective & Persuasive Communication, learners practice conversations with AI avatars representing managers and co-workers in simulated work settings. The course draws on communication techniques taught in business schools. Learners practice presenting structured arguments. For example, they present their vision, explain their strategy, and then propose next steps. Using AI...

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