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19 December 2023
Alelo Wins Award at the Inaugural 2023 GenAI Solution Competition

Alelo took third place in the global GenAI Solution Competition. It was the competition’s inaugural event organized by the Society of GenAI, a newly organized consortium of AI startups, major corporations, and universities from around the world. The purpose of the competition is to recognize generative AI solution inventors and promote their technological advancements. Entrants...

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15 November 2023
Key investor joins Alelo’s board and kicks off fundraising round for GenAI expansion into employee training

Geoff Rich, an investor from Alelo’s 2020 crowdfunding campaign, is elevating his role in the company with a major investment and a seat on Alelo’s board of directors. “I’m very excited at the potential for generative AI to transform employee training and improve effectiveness in human learning,” said Rich. By integrating generative AI into its...

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24 October 2023
Alelo supercharges avatars with generative AI for employee training

AI-powered avatars have long held the promise of delivering personalized training at scale. With the addition of generative AI, the sophistication of avatar training just took a massive leap forward.  “Before generative AI, a learner had to talk to AI-powered avatars within limited contextual boundaries,” said Alelo CEO, Dr. Lewis Johnson. “Taking the conversation off-topic...

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03 August 2023
Alelo explores business ties with Futech Institute of AI Languages Education Research in Seoul, Korea

Alelo and Futech Institute of AI Languages Education Research signed a Memorandum of Understanding to explore AI-driven language learning opportunities in Seoul, Korea, and other countries collaboratively. The two organizations will begin hosting authorized officials from the other organization to learn each other’s artificial intelligence language programs. The intent is to develop joint English language...

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06 July 2023
Now Reserving Spots for the Beta Release of Alelo MyCoach™ Soft Skills

Find out what it’s like to learn from an AI-led avatar. The beta of Alelo MyCoach™ Soft Skills will soon be released for AI-led soft skills training, and for a limited time, anyone can become a free beta user! Alelo MyCoach Soft Skills was developed to address the growing skills gap. Employers find it increasingly...

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31 January 2023
Innovations from Alelo, Career Path Services, WholeStory and Other XPRIZE Rapid Reskilling Finalists Shown to Double Income of America’s Vulnerable Workers

The 30-month XPRIZE Rapid Reskilling competition has concluded, demonstrating that innovative training technology can reskill unemployed or underemployed workers without a college degree in half the time for jobs earning twice as much. XPRIZE Rapid Reskilling set out three years ago to find the industry innovators that could develop and demonstrate effective rapid reskilling solutions...

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