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13 October 2022
Alelo’s CEO Works With a Multidisciplinary Team at UMass Amherst To Influence National Science Foundation Funding for AI in Education

UMass Amherst received a grant from the U.S National Science Foundation (NSF) to hold a workshop October 19-25 that explores how artificial intelligence can be rapidly deployed in education within 3 years. The workshop brings together academic, commercial, and government experts to ideate and propose projects that would be funded by the U.S. National Science...

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27 September 2022
Alelo reshapes the future of work in unexpected ways

The future of work tries to predict what will happen in tomorrow’s workforce for better planning and preparation today. Typically it looks at who does the work, when and where work is done, and the role of technology in how work is done.1 While Alelo’s conversational artificial intelligence fits nicely into the technology category for...

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21 July 2022
Alelo, Career Path Services, and WholeStory collaborate in $5M XPRIZE to reinvent workforce development on the West Coast

WholeStory, Career Path Services, and Alelo are participants in the $5M global XPRIZE Rapid Reskilling competition sponsored by New Profit. Until now, the three organizations represented two of the final five teams in the competition: Team Dignified Work (Career Path Services and WholeStory) and Team Alelo. Now Team Alelo is rolling into Team Dignified Work,...

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15 May 2022
Alelo Volunteers To Help Boston College Shape the Next Generation of Learning Engineers

The 2021/2022 school year is coming to a close, and Alelo is wrapping up this year’s volunteer participation in Boston College’s Master of Arts in Learning Engineering program. The program teaches students to design engaging and effective learning experiences that are informed by the learning sciences and incorporate cutting-edge technologies. To apply what they are...

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03 March 2022
Alelo Reaches Final Five Among 118 Entrants in $5 Million Global Xprize Rapid Reskilling Competition

Thanks to the success of its industry-leading AI avatar-based upskilling and reskilling solutions, Alelo is one of only five remaining Finalists in the XPRIZE Rapid Reskilling competition that began with 118 entrants from 20 nations across the globe in June 2020.  “At Alelo, we’re honored to be one of the final five Finalists in this...

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24 February 2022
Alelo is Chosen from 800 to be a Finalist in the Learning Engineering Tools Competition

Alelo was selected as a finalist in the Learning Engineering Tools Competition 2021, a $4 million prize challenge to leverage technology, data, and learning science to create new edtech tools that meet the urgent needs of learners across generations. It is one of the largest edtech competitions ever convened, sponsored by Schmidt Futures, Citadel Founder...

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