How Alelo Rapid Reskilling is Changing People’s Lives

Alelo is using conversational ai technology to help disadvantaged workers quickly learn new skills and qualify for new jobs. Here are the stories of two of those workers.

Kayla and Sereta were two underemployed workers in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia who were looking for opportunities to enter new careers and serve their communities. Sereta had left the workforce to care for her family. Kayla was working in the food industry and was looking for better-paying, more fulfilling work. They entered Alelo’s community health worker (CHW) reskilling program, which quickly retrains workers and helps place them in jobs in healthcare or public health.

Workers seeking to enter new careers are at a disadvantage because they lack relevant experience. Conventional e-learning programs do not give trainees many opportunities to practice and hone their skills. Alelo training programs overcome these problems by giving trainees extensive opportunities to practice their skills in simulations of work settings and get immediate feedback. Trainees first practice with artificially intelligent avatars playing the role of patients. Trainees can practice as much as they want, at whatever time is convenient for them, to gain mastery and self-confidence. They then practice further with their peers in role-play exercises, supervised by an instructor, who can verify that the trainees have acquired the necessary skills.

This training made a big difference for Kayla and Sereta. Kayla commented: “I knew it would be difficult to be hired by anyone in the healthcare industry without any experience but this program taught me so much about myself and skills I have acquired before and during this program. It also opened up opportunities for me that I wouldn’t have had without it.”

When asked whether Alelo’s program met their expectations, here is what they had to say. Sereta: “I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew I was in need of career and personal development. The program far exceeded my expectations and awakened what my passion in life truly is. I’m beyond grateful I was given this opportunity.” Kayla: “I honestly didn’t know what to expect from the program in the beginning. I had not been a part of a reskilling program before this one. However, receiving a job offer within weeks of finishing the course exceeded my expectations. Ashley [our program navigator] answered every question I had along the way and helped prepare me not just for the quizzes and the video call portions, but also explained the next steps after the course while helping me prepare for interviews.”

Sereta and Kayla’s employer was also very pleased with the training that they received. In a post-employment survey, their supervisor indicated that their mastery of all core CHW competencies had exceeded or met expectations.

Alelo is a finalist in the XPRIZE Rapid Reskilling Competition. It is making its CHW content and reskilling platform available to other training programs worldwide. If you have trainees in your program who could benefit from accelerated, effective training, contact us at

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