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04 November 2020
Alelo Introduces Enskill Spanish

  We’re excited to introduce Enskill® Spanish, a revolutionary way for middle schools and high schools to teach the Spanish language using AI-driven avatars for conversational practice and personalized feedback. Enskill Spanish can help anyone improve their conversational Spanish, but it is particularly well suited for students who have limited interaction with teachers—because they are...

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02 September 2020
TIRF Highlights Alelo’s Avatar-Based Learning Resources to Help English Language Learners Recover Lost Ground Due to COVID-19

  The International Research Foundation (TIRF) for English Language Education featured Alelo’s Enskill English avatar-based learning products as a technology resource to help English Language Learners recover lost ground during COVID-19.  For over two decades, TIRF’s non-profit mission has been to promote research and best practices that inform and enrich English language education in multilingual...

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24 August 2020
Alelo-Developed Culture Courses are Now Mandatory for U.S. Personnel Deployments to 86 Countries

Before U.S. military personnel report for overseas deployments, they must complete required training on various topics, including operational security and injury prevention. Cultural awareness training courses sponsored by the Defense Language and National Security Education Office (DLNSEO) and developed by Alelo are an increasingly important part of this mandatory training. According to the latest published...

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11 August 2020
Alelo Online Cultural Training Increases Fourfold During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Recent usage reports from the U.S. Government show a significant increase in the usage of Alelo immersive cultural training courses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Enrollments by Department of Defense (DoD) personnel (uniformed and civilian) increased fourfold from 3,011 in February to 12,142 in April. This pushes the total number of learners who have used Alelo...

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21 July 2020
Alelo Expanding in Scandinavia!

  Thomas Hansen has just joined Alelo as its representative in Scandinavia. Thomas previously collaborated with Alelo as project lead at VIFIN (Videnscenter for Integration) on the Danish Simulator project, an award-winning immersive game that introduced immigrants to Danish language and culture. He became so convinced of the potential of Alelo technology that he has...

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02 July 2020
Alelo’s Enskill 3: Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Address Needs Due to COVID-19

At the height of the COVID-19 lockdown, 1.6 billion students worldwide were affected by school closures. Teaching suddenly underwent drastic changes, as teachers adapted to online learning and videoconferencing. Some students thrived in the new online learning environment, while others struggled. What can teachers expect when students come back to school? And how can artificial...

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