Enskill® Ed

Teach more effectively online while adding a human element to asynchronous learning.

Enskill Ed’s avatar-based AI simulations are as close as students can get to live human interaction in asynchronous learning. Students engage in interactive online conversations with socially intelligent virtual humans. Their specific responses to the avatar directs the simulation’s path creating a unique experience and personalized feedback for each student.

Asynchronous learning with avatars frees teachers up for classroom instruction

Easier for Teachers

Free teachers up for synchronous learning

Create asynchronous avatar lesson plans and review AI data to make lesson plan adjustments.

Review class performance on a dashboard and easily identify students falling behind. Drill down to individual student performance to see where one-on-one help is needed.

Spend more time on classroom instruction by spending less time on asynchronous instruction.

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An AI asynchronous learning platform can lower school costs

More Effective for Administrators

Lower costs for remote and hybrid learning

Use effectively in small or large classes.

Improve the effectiveness of learning with continual machine-learned adjustments to AI-driven lessons.

Enhance student motivation leading to increased program satisfaction.

Track student performance across classes and institutions.

An AI asynchronous learning platform can lower school costs
Avatars effectively motivate students in asynchronous learning

Engaging for Students

Keep students motivated

Engage students outside the classroom with an enjoyable online experience that simulates real human interaction.

Create unique experiences as avatars adapt to each student’s responses.

Provide personalized feedback so students stay engaged and can focus on the areas where they need to improve.

Develop confidence in students who can repeat sessions until mastery and come to class better prepared.

Global Higher-Ed Reach

Enskill Ed has been used in higher-ed institutions in 21 countries. It helps instructors better support learners studying asynchronously and helps learners recover lost ground due to COVID-19.

Higher institutions in 21 countries use Alelo's asynchronous learning platform
Avatar-based simulations meet the need for asynchronous learning in K-12

Meeting a Need in K-12

The flatness of video recordings and TV in asynchronous learning post-COVID has left K-12 students unengaged and in some cases almost a year behind in achievement. AI avatar-based simulations are a proven way to enhance interaction and provide more effective learning.

AI Powered Platform

Continual improvement to lesson plans through machine learning


Learn anytime, anywhere on a mobile, desktop, or virtual reality headset

Natural Language Processing

Students converse in natural language with avatars

Easily Scalable

A subscription model allows for the addition of students at minimal cost

Mimics Real Human Interaction

Avatars are as close to human interaction as you can get in asynchronous learning


Track institution, classroom, or student performance in a dashboard

Self-Directed Learning

Student responses to avatars direct unique experiences and personalized feedback


Effective for a wide variety of subjects like language arts, history, civics, science, 21st century skills, and more

See this AI breakthrough for yourself

Enskill helps me to improve my classes.
– Daniel I., Teacher

We chose Alelo because of its leading-edge approach and proven track record.
– Gordon L., Administrator

A great tool for people who are shy or don’t like to speak in front of a group.
– Owen P., Student