Key investor joins Alelo’s board and kicks off fundraising round for GenAI expansion into employee training

Geoff Rich, an investor from Alelo’s 2020 crowdfunding campaign, is elevating his role in the company with a major investment and a seat on Alelo’s board of directors. “I’m very excited at the potential for generative AI to transform employee training and improve effectiveness in human learning,” said Rich.

By integrating generative AI into its conversational AI training offerings, Alelo plans to make it easy for Learning and Development teams to author custom simulations with avatar coaches capable of delivering personalized training for each employee. “Managers will be able to use prompts that access Large Language Models (LLMs) and their organization’s own data, and provide instruction that specifies the avatar’s knowledge, its demeanor, and more,” said Dr. Lewis Johnson, Alelo founder and CEO. 

Alelo has already integrated generative AI into its avatar technology. A 2-minute demonstration of soft skills training shows how fluid and responsive avatars powered by generative AI can be – even capable of directing learners back on task when their responses veer away from competency development. Alelo is launching an investment round to raise the capital necessary to fully build out the generative AI authoring tool technology. Unlike Alelo’s 2020 investment round where anyone could invest, the current round is seeking larger investments and is only for accredited and institutional investors.

“We have the road map and experience to revolutionize employee training with GenAI-powered avatars,” said Johnson. “Now we need the dollars to scale up the technology so that it can realize its potential. Geoff Rich’s investment and background is the jump start we need,” continued Johnson.

A Princeton University graduate, Rich boasts four decades of experience co-founding and spearheading radio broadcast and digital media companies. In 1998, he assumed the role of Executive Vice President of Programming and Head of New Media at ABC Radio Networks, following the acquisition by ABC of one of his companies. Three short years later under Rich’s direction, ABC achieved a milestone as the pioneer in streaming all of its legacy radio stations online. Since then, Rich has also earned a Tony Award for theatrical production and is an active investor in startups aligned with his vision.

“I invested in Alelo because its avatar training technology is at the leading edge of AI. I’m confident it will enable companies to quickly, efficiently, and effectively skill and onboard their workforce,” concluded Rich.

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