Alelo Wins Award at the Inaugural 2023 GenAI Solution Competition

Alelo took third place in the global GenAI Solution Competition. It was the competition’s inaugural event organized by the Society of GenAI, a newly organized consortium of AI startups, major corporations, and universities from around the world.

The purpose of the competition is to recognize generative AI solution inventors and promote their technological advancements. Entrants from across the globe were judged on how impactful their GenAI inventions were at solving an identified marketplace problem. Alelo Enskill® received third place for using generative AI to power avatar coaches that can rapidly assess and upskill/reskill employees

Powering avatars with AI is nothing new to Alelo, but integrating generative AI in 2023 made Alelo’s solutions more personalized, more conversational, and more cost-effective while dramatically cutting development time. “Generative AI is the single biggest advancement I’ve seen happen to AI technology in my career,” said Dr. Lewis Johnson, Alelo’s CEO.

Dr. Johnson was the chair of the GenAI Solution Competition’s evaluation committee but recused himself from the evaluation of Alelo’s entry. “When I was invited to be chair of the competition, I didn’t expect also to be an entrant. What an honor it has been to be a part of this inaugural event that aims to further GenAI invention, and also to have Alelo recognized here at USC,” said Dr. Johnson. The University of Southern California, on the very same floor where the competition’s livestream ceremony was held, is where Dr. Johnson first developed pedagogical agents and later spun out the company that would become Alelo.

When asked what the next year holds for GenAI, Johnson concluded, “Generative AI is enabling unprecedented capability and performance. People are now able to create solutions that were not possible one year ago. It’s electrifying to think about the solutions that will enter next year’s competition.” 

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