Alelo supercharges avatars with generative AI for employee training

AI-powered avatars have long held the promise of delivering personalized training at scale. With the addition of generative AI, the sophistication of avatar training just took a massive leap forward. 

“Before generative AI, a learner had to talk to AI-powered avatars within limited contextual boundaries,” said Alelo CEO, Dr. Lewis Johnson. “Taking the conversation off-topic could stump the avatar, “ continued Johnson. “With generative AI, our avatars can respond to anything the learner might say, then lead the learner back on task within the same conversation. The conversation flow is far more natural and fluid. And since every avatar response is generated on the fly, the breadth of personalization is better than ever.”

Alelo has already integrated generative AI into its corporate technology offering for employee soft skills training as well as for upskilling and reskilling. And there are more benefits than just conversational flow. Generative AI allows for better personalization and feedback with less custom development. Large Language Models (LLMs) accessed by generative AI are inherently good at giving feedback, so leveraging this technology means that more thorough feedback can be provided to learners, plus solutions can be developed more quickly.

In the coming months, Alelo will roll out generative AI to its award-winning English language learning technology, Enskill® English – and also to its AI-powered soft skills course for individuals looking to shore up transferable skills for job success.

“The market is ripe for generative AI in training. Learning and development teams are looking for personal AI coaches who can visually and verbally demonstrate the same skills that they’re looking to train in employees. Generative AI gets us there. This is a very exciting time,” concluded Johnson.

Watch a 2-minute demo of a learner practicing soft skills with a GenAI-powered avatar.

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