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03 December 2020
Alelo Webinar on How Schools Can Use Avatars to Teach English and Other Languages

This webinar discussed the challenges that language learners and language teachers face, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how avatars can help overcome them. We focused particularly on teaching spoken interaction skills—speaking and listening. According to a survey of language teachers, speaking skills are by far the most important language skills, with listening skills the...

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24 November 2020
The Ethics of AI-Assisted Learning

During the first week of November 2020, I participated in the Global Summit on the Ethics of AI in Education. Leaders in the field of artificial intelligence in education (AIED) got together virtually to discuss key ethical questions regarding the use of AI in education. I took part in discussions on how to facilitate the...

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27 October 2020
Enskill Spanish: Avatar-Based Asynchronous Learning for Students and Teachers

Language teachers recognize that it is important to give students opportunities to practice speaking, both to increase fluency and build self-confidence. Unfortunately, this can be very demanding on teacher time. Teachers must organize and orchestrate the practice activities, and then provide students feedback as needed. This can be a challenge in large classes or in...

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20 October 2020
Avatar AI Helping Hybrid Learning [Podcast]

In this podcast, Dr. Lewis Johnson of Alelo and Leilani Cauthen of the EduJedi Leadership Society discuss avatars used with artificial intelligence for asynchronous teaching and professional development. A technology that has been around for a while in the corporate sector and military is now coming to the rescue in education to create engagement and...

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15 September 2020
How To Use Artificial Intelligence To Help Learners Recover Lost Ground Due to COVID-19

Although students are returning to class, the impact of COVID-19 on teachers and students is still being felt. According to UNESCO, 875 million students worldwide, 50% of the total, are still affected by school closures. Students who are returning to school are suffering the effects of school closures earlier in the year. The pandemic has...

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01 September 2020
How Artificial Intelligence Meets the Challenges of Hybrid Learning Under COVID-19

COVID-19 is forcing schools around the world to rethink how they deliver instruction, and implement hybrid learning models. Students must maintain social distancing from each other, which limits the number of students who can be in class at any one time. Many schools are responding by having students alternate between in-class learning and remote learning....

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