Alelo Blog on the Future of Artificial Intelligence and Human Learning
19 May 2022
Assessing Employee Skills: Socratic Learning for the 21st Century

In the days of Socrates and Plato, tutors taught their students by systematically asking them probing questions. According to Plato, the instructor should feign ignorance of the subject, to elicit dialogue from the students. Attempts to answer questions would uncover gaps in student knowledge, contradictions, and poorly formed ideas. Socratic questioning encourages critical thinking. Plato...

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09 May 2022
Job Skills in a Fraction of the Time: How Alelo is Making it a Reality

Imagine if people could learn new skills in one fifth or even one-tenth the time of classroom instruction. Lack of training would essentially cease to become a barrier to employment. Training programs that used to take a year or more would be completed in a matter of weeks. Underemployed workers would be able to qualify...

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27 April 2022
Why Conversational AI Beats VR for Rapid Skilling

What is the most effective way to prepare for a new job? This is a critical question for employers who are inducting new employees and want them to be ready on day 1. Workers who are reskilling or upskilling to qualify for new jobs want to be sure that their training is adequately preparing them. ...

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11 January 2021
Rapid Reskilling Part III: AI-Based Practice and Assessment

In previous blogs, we discussed the need to prepare workers for the post-COVID economy, and presented our Spiral-Stair-Case model for rapid reskilling. This blog describes how Alelo’s Enskill® technology supports this process, and how it can help large numbers of trainees reskill rapidly at a low cost per trainee. Enskill has been shown to help...

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04 January 2021
Rapid Reskilling II: The Spiral-Stair-Case Model

In our last blog post on rapid reskilling, we argued that a radical rethink of training is called for, to help workers quickly transition into new occupations. In this post, we discuss some of the shortcomings of conventional training from a reskilling perspective, and how we address them in our new instructional model for reskilling,...

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28 December 2020
Rapid Reskilling Part I: Time for a Radical Rethink of Training

The year 2021 will be focused on recovery—overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic and rebuilding the economy. This new economy will look very different from the one that existed prior to the pandemic. Many of the jobs that have disappeared may never come back, forcing some people to look for jobs in new sectors. The jobs that...

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