The Ethics of AI-Assisted Learning
Posted by Lewis Johnson | November 24, 2020

During the first week of November 2020, I participated in the Global Summit on the Ethics of AI in Education. Leaders in the field of artificial intelligence in education (AIED)...

Alelo Webinars for Teachers and Trainers
Posted by Alelo | August 12, 2019

Do your students need more opportunities to practice speaking English? Is lack of self-confidence holding them back? This webinar introduces Alelo’s Enskill simulation platform and explains how to use Alelo...

AI-Driven Learning Product Co-Developed by Laureate Education and Alelo Is Finalist for British Council Digital Innovation Award
Posted by Alelo | April 15, 2019

Laureate International Universities and Alelo announced that their Laureate English course is a finalist for the British Council’s ELTons Award for Digital Innovation in English Language Teaching. Laureate English was...

Alelo Presents at TESOL Its Solutions for AI-Driven Learning of Communication Skills
Posted by Alelo | March 11, 2019

Alelo Inc. will showcase its latest developments in learning communication skills with AI-driven methods at this week’s TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) annual conference in Atlanta.

Back to the Future of Pedagogical Agents
Posted by Alelo | July 10, 2018

The recent paper "Pedagogical Agents: Back to the Future" by Dr. Lewis Johnson of Alelo Inc. and Professor James Lester of North Carolina State University reviews the history and likely...

How AI is Solving the #1 Skill Gap in the Global Economy
Posted by Lewis Johnson | May 22, 2018

Education and training is one industry where AI is starting to play important roles. What impact will AI have on education and training in the future? Will teachers be replaced...

Will Teachers be Replaced by Algorithms?
Posted by Lewis Johnson | May 7, 2018

As artificial intelligence (AI) develops, it is playing an increasing very important role in education. For example, AI-based solutions allow schools to embrace personalized learning, and publishers to roll out...

How AI Empowers English Teachers
Posted by Lewis Johnson | April 24, 2018

If you are a teacher of English to speakers of other languages, you know how important it is for your students to practice speaking. The more they practice in authentic...

To Learn a Language, Start with the End Goal in Mind
Posted by Alelo | March 27, 2018

What is it that learners want to be able to do with the language that they are learning? They want to communicate effectively with native speakers in common situations they...

Immersive Simulations: A Game Changer for Language Learning
Posted by Alelo | March 26, 2018

One of the best ways to learn a language is to practice with native speakers. Research shows that immersion is more effective than conventional classroom instruction for developing proficiency. Yet...