Alelo Presents at TESOL Its Solutions for AI-Driven Learning of Communication Skills

Teaching communication skills can be very time-consuming. Alelo’s Enskill learning platform reduces the burden on teachers and provides insights on students’ progress, so they can focus their teaching on the areas where students need the most help.

Alelo Inc. will showcase its latest developments in learning communication skills with AI-driven methods at this week’s TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) annual conference in Atlanta.

Karen Chiang, Alelo’s advisor on English language teaching, will present the lecture “Are You Teaching Speaking or Communication?” The difference is, of course, that a non-English speaker can learn some basic words and phrases but not necessarily learn how to communicate in practical settings in daily life or work.

Ms. Chiang observes, “Communication is one of the most important soft skills for the 21st century in a first or second language. Alelo’s AI simulation technology enables learners to practice real-world situations that until now were not possible in traditional classroom settings.”

Dr. Lewis Johnson, Alelo’s CEO, will present the lecture “Artificial Intelligence Can Make English Teaching Data-Driven.” Dr. Johnson will show how the artificial-intelligence technology embedded in Alelo’s Enskill learning platform automatically evaluates learners’ communication skills and produces performance analytics. As learners engage in conversations with artificially intelligent avatars, Enskill continually monitors their performance and provides feedback to both teachers and learners.

Dr. Johnson notes, “Teaching communication skills — not just words and phrases — can be very time-consuming. Enskill reduces the burden on teachers and provides them insights on their students’ progress, so they can focus their teaching on the areas where their students need the most help.”

During the conference Alelo will demonstrate its advances in artificial intelligence technology for learning communication skills. Attendees will be able to practice their English communication skills with Alelo’s avatars. Alelo will also demonstrate its avatars in immersive 3D virtual environments for increased realism and engagement.

Alelo’s cloud-based Enskill platform provides immersive, AI-driven learning simulations to learners around the world. Students in two-dozen countries are using this technology to improve their spoken English communication skills. Enskill builds on Alelo’s experience in providing simulation-based training in language and culture for over 90 countries.

Dr. Johnson notes, “Alelo’s mission is to help learners around the world communicate more effectively. Our training products have made a difference for learners and even saved lives. Our Enskill solution is now helping teachers and educational institutions improve their teaching.”

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