Training That’s Focused, Efficient, and Effective

Alelo’s innovative virtual training approach helps your organization deliver the training it needs, while saving on trainers and coaches.

Whether preparing for an assignment overseas or working here at home, communication skills are critical to success. Powered by industry-leading technology and experts with unmatched diversity in educational, cultural and experiential backgrounds, Alelo combines understanding of your unique goals with the efficacy of a role-playing learning environment. Choosing Alelo’s training approach means using technology and techniques based on extensive university- and government-sponsored research, and validated by success in the most challenging environments imaginable.

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Virtual Role-Play

Award winning simulation based software, transferable to real-world practice.

At the core of Alelo’s customized training programs is our patented avatar technology. Our software uses socially intelligent virtual humans to interact with learners and speech-recognition technology to provide instant, constructive feedback in context. Train anywhere with a laptop, tablet, or mobile device, or project a virtual character onto a wall at full height for a truly immersive experience.

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The Benefits of Alelo’s Training Methodology

Train Anytime, Anywhere

Eliminate reliance on costly instructors or training space.

Train Efficiently with Accountability

Develop skills rapidly, with high retention rates and trackable progress.

Train to Achieve Your Goals

Use customized programs designed with expertise relevant to your organization.

Train in Context

Teach practical skills transferable to real, applicable situations.

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