Alelo uses innovative role-play simulation technology within computer-based and mobile systems for training and intercultural communication. We use our patented technology platform to create realistic job-related environments where learners practice and measurably master communication skills through interaction with animated characters, or avatars. Avatars are capable of engaging the learner in robust, culturally appropriate conversation, as well as providing instant evaluation and feedback. Our speech recognition technology is optimized for the speech of language learners, and immersive virtual environments can be customized and fine-tuned to simulate any setting.

Alelo courses are used by thousands of military, government, educational and general public users, and our solutions provide effective training at significantly lower cost than conventional training methods. Our technological approach also means greater consistency, and that training can take place anytime, anywhere, and with minimal resources. We are able to work across several platforms, including desktop and laptop computers, tablets, websites, and mobile devices.

Our products are available as stand-alone courses, embedded in other courses and simulations, or blended with other instruction modalities. We currently feature single-player games that run on personal computers running the Microsoft® Windows™ operating system, web-based products, language and culture plugin software for kinetic mission rehearsal training programs (such as VBS2) and handheld training companions for the Apple iPod and iPhone.

Our task-centered approach allows our courses to serve the dual purpose of addressing broad training, entertainment and advertising applications while teaching foreign languages.

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