Products and Solutions

Alelo is committed to delivering effective e-learning products and solutions to help people acquire knowledge, develop new skills, and improve their performance.

Alelo’s Virtual Role-Play simulations combine innovations in software technology, social science, and learning science. This ability to combine multiple areas of expertise into effective training is what sets Alelo apart.

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  • Alelo® Workplace Coach

    Business, Education
    Training to optimize communication and collaboration across generations, cultures, mindsets and organizational levels.

  • Enskill®

    Education, Business
    Alelo’s new Enskill® platform helps learners develop communication skills in conversations with artificially intelligent interactive characters.

  • Enskill® English

    Education, Business
    Enskill’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology helps students improve their speaking skills and helps teachers teach more effectively.

  • RALL-E

    Education, Government
    Funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), the RALL-E project uses a lifelike robot that engages in conversations in foreign language to optimize learner motivation and promote conversational skills.

  • Tactical Interaction (TI) Simulator

    The Tactical Interaction (T.I.) Simulator is an example of Alelo’s Virtual Role-Play technology applied to serious gaming and role-play simulations for language and culture training.

  • Scene
    Tactical Iraqi Language & Culture
    Training System (TILTS)

    Tactical Iraqi Language and Culture Training System (TILTS) provided pre-deployment or in-country training that gave service members a usable grasp of Iraqi culture, gestures and situational language.

  • VRP® (Virtual Role Players) for FITE

    The FITE (Future Immersive Training Environment) project incorporated Alelo’s virtual role player technology in a mixed-reality training environment.

  • VRP® MIL (Virtual Role Players) for VBS®3

    VRP® MIL makes it possible to train and rehearse nonlethal missions within a virtual training context. Trainees communicate with VRPs using spoken language, for greater realism.

  • Virtual Chinese

    Winner of the Virginia Governor’s Technology Award for Innovation in Technology for K-12 Education.

  • Virtual Cultural Awareness Trainer (VCAT)

    Education, Government
    Pre-deployment cultural awareness training available on Joint Knowledge Online (JKO).