December 2020

Alelo Tackles the Huge Problem of Workforce Reskilling in 2021
Posted by Alelo | December 29, 2020

Re-skilling displaced workers is essential for a post-COVID 2021 recovery. But rapid reskilling requires a radical rethink as to how training should be done. Alelo is adapting its revolutionary avatar...

Rapid Reskilling Part I: Time for a Radical Rethink of Training
Posted by Lewis Johnson | December 28, 2020

The year 2021 will be focused on recovery—overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic and rebuilding the economy. This new economy will look very different from the one that existed prior to the...

Alelo Webinar on How Schools Can Use Avatars to Teach English and Other Languages
Posted by Alelo | December 3, 2020

This webinar discussed the challenges that language learners and language teachers face, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how avatars can help overcome them. We focused particularly on teaching spoken...