January 2020

Alelo CEO Lewis Johnson Interviewed in CEOCFO Magazine
Posted by Alelo | January 28, 2020

Alelo started out as a research project funded by DARPA at the University of Southern California. The idea was could we use video game and AI technology to develop a...

Using AI to Develop Communication Skills in Business Leaders
Posted by Alelo | January 20, 2020

Communication skills are critical for leaders and the organizations they lead. According to a study of large corporations by David Grossman, companies that have highly effective communicators as leaders had...

Case Study: UVM Program Using Alelo Enskill Increases Students’ Spoken English Proficiency
Posted by Alelo | January 13, 2020

Of the four language skills, speaking, listening, reading, and writing, speaking is by far the most important and the most difficult to develop. Many English language learners (ELLs) are reluctant...