February 2016

Low- and High-Context Communication
Posted by Alelo | February 24, 2016

One morning during my fieldwork in Mexico, the dog dragged my freshly washed dress off the line and into the mud. I swore at him under my breath, and a...

Alelo and First Mobile Education Partner to Bring Advanced Virtual-Education and Training Solutions to Canada
Posted by Alelo | February 24, 2016

Alelo Inc. has partnered with Canadian e-learning leader First Mobile Education to bring virtual-education and training solutions to New Brunswick and the rest of Canada. E-learning solutions to benefit New...

TD Magazine features Alelo’s Experts on the Issue of Perspective-Taking Across Generations
Posted by Alelo | February 4, 2016

Alelo’s CEO W. Lewis Johnson and applied anthropologist Asya Anderson have teamed up to discuss the importance of perspective-taking skills in the latest edition of TD Magazine. Using the tools...