Three Ways Better Customer Service Training Led by AI Impacts the Bottom Line [Infographic]

We all know customer service is important to the bottom line. Less obvious may be the direct impact of customer service training. Innovations in artificial intelligence help make training more effective than ever through scalable personalization, and training that’s twice as fast. The results can be profound. This infographic illustrates three ways that improving training of customer service representatives can dramatically impact the bottom line.

Infographic: 3 Ways Better Customer Service Training Impacts the Bottom Line


<iframe src=”” title=”Three Ways Better Customer Service Training Led by AI Impacts the Bottom Line” width=880px height=2750px></iframe>

Key statistics that make the case for better customer service training using AI

For organizations with hundreds of customer service reps, reducing rep turnover, ramping up employees twice as fast, and arming reps with better product knowledge for upselling could directly impact the bottom line by millions of dollars.

  • 30-45% of call center employees turnover in one year
  • The average cost of turnover is 20% of an employee’s salary
  • 3-6 months is the average ramp-up for a call center employee

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