The Magnificent Seven: Seven Roles That AI Can Play to Transform Learning

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At the start of Alelo’s webinar series on the Future of AI in Education and Training, we asked what role AI should play in promoting learning. Some see the benefit of AI is as a technology that enables personalized learning. But as we have discussed in these webinars, personalized learning alone can make it harder for teachers to manage classes and lead meaningful classroom discussions, and can even exacerbate achievement gaps between high-performing and underperforming students. And it would be a mistake for AI to take over the role of the teachers, since teachers matter more to student achievement that any other aspect of schooling.

The consensus of these webinars is that AI should not seek to replace teachers but should work alongside teachers, to assist them in their work and perform tasks that are time-consuming and difficult for teachers to perform on their own. Ultimately this will make high-quality education available to students throughout the world.

To accomplish this there are at least seven functions that AI can and should perform. This Magnificent Seven when used in combination has the power to overcome the most challenging learning problems.

The full potential of AI to transform education will be realized when AI performs many of these roles, not just one. The Alelo Enskill platform is a good example. Enskill engages learners in task-based conversations, such as buying a train ticket or interviewing for a job. During the conversation, it assesses learner performance, provides feedback, and recommends additional practice exercises in the areas where the learner is experiencing difficulties. It calculates analytics that measure each learner’s performance and tracks how it improves over time. We plan to make these analytics available to teachers and institutions, so that they can adapt curricula and focus instruction where it is needed. This is making high-quality learning available at scale to students in dozens of countries.

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