Alelo and Laureate Education Deliver English Learning Solutions Worldwide

Alelo and Laureate Education are now providing simulation-based learning modules to institutions throughout Laureate’s worldwide network, for use in their English programs. Students in Laureate’s seventy institutions in twenty-five countries are using the simulations to learn and practice spoken English by having realistic conversations with artificially intelligent interactive characters.

The learning modules utilize Alelo’s Enskill® cloud-based platform, which delivers role-play simulations to Web browsers on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. Enskill utilizes speech recognition and natural language processing technology to deliver personalized learning interactions in scenarios that simulate real life. Learners can practice and explore alternatives in a safe environment, which builds confidence. Enskill continually collects responses from learners around the world. Alelo uses these data to improve the artificial intelligence so it understands a broader and deeper range of learner responses and errors.

Here are some comments from program directors at the participating institutions:


Such a great tool. very exciting and we can’t wait to try it out!

Thanks, great tool for students and teachers!

I think this is awesome, I see the future.


Alelo is now raising funds to further expand Enskill usage globally, extend it to workplace communication skills, and provide customers with tools so they can create their own simulations. More information is available at

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