Alelo is Pleased to be Part of the Games for Training Winning Team

FITE_USMC_smallAlelo, in partnership with Calytrix Technologies, BISim, and SimCentric, has been awarded the US Army’s “Games for Training” (GFT) contract. Primed by Calytrix, the five-year program – based on the new Virtual Battlespace 3 (VBS3) simulation product – delivers the next generation of game-based training technology to the US Army. Under this new contract, BISim will be providing VBS3, while Alelo will be making its simulation technology, known as VRP, available for use as part of VBS3 simulation training environment.

Alelo is a world leader in simulations for training mission-critical communication skills, including cross-cultural skills. Such skills are essential for peacekeeping, nonkinetic operations, and full-spectrum operations generally. Alelo’s President and CEO, Dr. Lewis Johnson stated: “We are very pleased to be part of the Games for Training team. Nonkinetic skills training is an important new frontier for virtual training, and we look forward to offering this critical training capability as part of VBS3.”


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