Tactical Interaction Simulator


The Tactical Interaction (T.I.) Simulator is an example of Alelo’s Virtual Role-Play technology applied to serious gaming and role-play simulations for language and culture training. The simulations presented in the videos below are from the Tetum T.I. Simulator, developed for the Australian Defence Force School of Languages.

T.I. Simulator Tetum Demonstration Scenario: AMBER – “Conducting Clearance Operations”

T.I. Simulator Tetum Demonstration Scenario: RED – “Conducting Clearance Operations”

In Alelo’s Tactical Interaction Simulator, learners practice their communication skills in simulations that progressively increase in difficulty. Adjusting the level of difficulty helps keep learners in the motivational sweet spot — where the simulations continually challenge the learner but are neither too easy nor too hard. This motivates learners to keep practicing until they have fully mastered each type of encounter.


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