Alelo Announces Competency Assessment Capability for the Alelo® Workplace Coach

Alelo has announced a competency assessment capability for its Alelo® Workplace Coach, an employee-development breakthrough that allows private and public organizations to provide all their workers with highly effective, affordable workplace readiness and competency training.

Alelo Solution - Workplace CoachThe challenge of all training is to ensure that every learner quickly achieves the target level of competency and retains it over time. Live coaching can be very effective but its high cost typically limits it to executive training, and is seldom offered to workers who must develop their competency in areas like sales, customer relations, leadership, team management, and fostering innovation and creativity. Self-paced courses based on software, videos and websites are less expensive than live instruction, but not very effective, and often boring and not engaging.

The Alelo® Workplace Coach closes the gap between the superior results of live coaching and the low cost per employee of self-paced instruction. It accomplishes this with computer-based courses that immerse workers in personalized, life-like situations that use interactive role-playing scenarios to teach effective communication and collaboration across generations, cultures, mindsets and organizational levels. The system’s new capability assesses every employee’s mastery of the target competency that drive personalized instruction to address the person’s skill gaps.

Dr. Lewis Johnson, Alelo’s CEO, explains, “The future of training belongs to software because live instruction is too expensive and inconvenient for most workers. Alelo has been moving in this direction since 2003 with solutions grounded in multidisciplinary research in computer simulations, artificial intelligence, distance and mobile learning, pedagogy, and social science. Our end goal is to provide superior, affordable competency training to employees at all levels of the organization so they can quickly reach and maintain the highest possible level of productivity.”

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