Alelo re-opens its direct distribution channel for DOD-licensed Tactical Language and Culture Training software

In support of the U.S. commitment to defeat ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria, Alelo — the leader in interpersonal communication training software solutions — has taken the step of re-opening its distribution channel for DOD-licensed Tactical Language and Culture Training courseware (also known as “TLT”), including the classic version of the Tactical Iraqi Language and Culture Training System.

Tactical Iraqi has been utilized by thousands of U.S. military service members during Operation Iraqi Freedom, and helped Marines, soldiers, sailors and airmen better communicate with Iraqi civilians, law enforcement personnel and partner military forces. This, and similar courses focused on deployments and missions in Afghanistan (Pashto, Dari), Sub-Saharan Africa (French), and Indonesia (Indonesian) received high praise for their quality, interactivity and effectiveness.

As the Alelo Support website at is not currently funded by the DOD, the portal will remain open only for a limited time. Alelo encourages members of the U.S. military and their contracted support staff-members who possess a “.mil” email address to visit the site, register for a user account, and download and install the particular course(s) that may help fulfill their regional inter-personal communication needs. A limited amount of technical support for TLT courses will also be provided during the access period.

Additionally, site users can find information on JKO’s Virtual Cultural Awareness Trainer (VCAT) courses for numerous strategic regions of the world, including the newest VCAT West Africa course, which carries high importance as the U.S. has committed to assist in the fight against the Ebola disease outbreak in that region.

U.S. military and associated support personnel may register for user accounts and access training courseware at Alelo’s Support web-site at:


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