Alelo Joins Team Providing Games-Based Training System to US Army

Primed by Calytrix Technologies, Army contract provides latest opportunity to deploy Alelo’s simulation technology for enhanced soldier training.

Alelo Inc. has partnered with Calytrix, Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) and SimCentric Technologies to provide a flagship games-based training system for the US Army. The “Games for Training” (GFT) system will leverage Alelo’s patented VRP® technology in creating interactive simulations as part of mission-critical training  for Army warfighters.

Integrating with BISim’s upcoming enhanced Virtual Battlespace 3 platform, Alelo’s Virtual Role Players add non-kinetic, culturally accurate interactions to the simulated battlefield training environment. President and CEO

Dr. Lewis Johnson said, “We are very pleased to be part of the Games for Training team. Non-kinetic skills training is an important new frontier for virtual training, and we look forward to offering this critical capability as part of VBS®3.”

The complete software package being fielded for GFT includes BISim’s VBS®3 virtual training environment; SimCentric’s VBS® 3 Fusion, VBS® Fires module and Pattern of Life; and Calytrix’s LVC Game HLA/DIS gateway, CNR Sim Pro, CNR Log, and CNR Effects communication software.

Games for Training is expected to become available in late 2013/early 2014, and Army warfighters will have access to this next generation of game-based training technology over the next five years.


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