Enskill® English Simulations

Alelo offers a new kind of learning experience for English language learners (ELLs). Learners develop their verbal communication skills through realistic roleplays with simulated native English speakers!

Learners demonstrate their conversational skills in roleplays aligned with Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) can-do statements. The product runs on Alelo’s Enskill® platform, which incorporates Alelo’s patented artificial intelligence technology. Enskill’s combination of automated assessment, practice, and personalized feedback helps learners achieve mastery quickly and maintain it over time.

Enskill builds on Alelo’s extensive experience creating language and culture training solutions for over ninety countries. Roleplay simulations build communicative competence in a safe environment that reduces the affective filter and encourages learners to experiment in unscripted conversation.

Enskill is simple and easy to use, and runs on a variety of devices in any Web browser that supports voice input. It integrates with other learning products and supports common interoperability standards. Enskill’s cloud-based servers are accessible worldwide.

Alelo has developed English modules for Laureate Education’s worldwide network of universities. Alelo is also developing modules for Business English and English for Specific Purposes. These can be used as is or integrated with other English language learning products.

We offer online subscriptions to institutions and schools, and create custom modules to meet specific learning objectives. Enskill is currently in use in Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Honduras, Malaysia, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Spain, Thailand, and Turkey. Here is what teachers have to say:

“Alelo was pretty fun and groundbreaking. We have never seen such a tool and it has great potential to help students learn English. Innovation is the key today!”

“Thanks, great tool for students and teachers!”

“I think this is awesome, I see the future.”



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