Enskill English Helps Teach Speaking and Helps Students Build Self-Confidence

Finalist for the British Council’s ELTons Award for Digital Innovation in English Language Teaching

Enskill’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology helps students improve their speaking skills and helps teachers teach more effectively. Think of it as a kind of teacher’s aide.

Develop learners’ verbal communication skills through realistic simulations of conversations.

Learners practice in immersive simulations and then get personalized exercises in the areas where they need to improve. They make rapid progress toward proficiency.

Enskill English can be integrated with face-to-face, online and flipped classrooms on laptops or tablets. It runs on Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers.

Enskill English runs on Alelo’s Enskill® platform, which incorporates Alelo’s patented AI technology. Alelo has extensive experience creating language and culture training solutions for over ninety countries. Enskill is in use in two dozen countries; cloud-based servers are accessible worldwide.

“It helps me to improve my classes and also it makes my classes very very short and very very communicative.”

“If you want your students to have more self-confidence, Alelo is going to be your best option.”

“When I was a kid I wish I had this kind of platform because it helps in confidence.”

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