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The Company

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Alelo is a common transliteration of the Hawaiian word for tongue or language, which is at the heart of our mission to transform how people communicate.

Alelo is dedicated to helping people throughout the world communicate more effectively.

Alelo is a spin-out of the University of Southern California.

We are highly successful in transitioning research results into effective products, thanks to our background as a university spin-out. We continually develop new innovations in learning technologies and methods, and hold multiple patents. We are committed to the ongoing evaluation of our learning products, so that we can continue to innovate and improve.

Alelo creates software and content for instructional social simulations for a wide range of domestic and international markets (Government, Military, and Education). In addition, Alelo is growing its suite of training solutions to satisfy the needs of the commercial markets.

Our products started as a research project in 2003 at the University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute under funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

DARPA Program Manager Dr. Ralph Chatham was inspired to support the project after listening to one of the first soldiers who went into Afghanistan in 2002. The captain told how he and his comrades reluctantly rode on tiny ponies into a town, totally relying on their Northern Alliance escorts who only spoke Pashto and some broken Russian and Arabic while the U.S. soldiers only spoke English and some broken Russian and Arabic. When the townspeople came out on the streets, the soldiers had no idea if they were friendly or hostile, not knowing how to interpret their gestures, demeanor and words.

Dr. Chatham explains, "I wanted to ensure that no American soldier or Marine would again ride blind into a foreign culture. I challenged the research community to create a training tool that would teach the brain behind every trigger finger and behind every steering wheel a bit of the gestures, culture and mission-oriented vocabulary of the land they were in. I also told the researchers that they had to perform the training with only two discontinuous weeks of contact time with the students."

In 2004 we transitioned the project from the lab into field use by the U.S. Armed Services. In 2005 the project's lead researchers at USC founded our company to further develop and commercialize the products for both defense and non-defense markets. We serve our defense and national security customers worldwide through our wholly owned subsidiary Alelo TLT, LLC.

Our Team

Alelo is an interdisciplinary team of professionals who are dedicated to the company's mission: to help people worldwide communicate more effectively. Our team includes experts in instructional design and development (pedagogy, curriculum development, educational psychology, adult learning), linguistics, foreign languages, natural language processing, computational linguistics, automated speech recognition, computer science (artificial intelligence, software engineering, modeling, simulation), human-computer interaction, video games, graphic arts, animation, and media production.

Our Leadership

Click here to read about Alelo's founder and management team.

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