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Alelo presents a very promising investment opportunity

  • Immersive training and education products for interpersonal communication — e.g., foreign languages and cultures, sales, customer service, leadership, negotiation, employment interviews
  • Disruptive solution that overcomes the high cost and limited effectiveness of existing self-learning and instructor-based methods
  • Continuous groundbreaking innovation in virtual role-playing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural-language-processing
  • Since 2003, hundreds of thousands of global users in industry and the military
  • Next-generation Alelo Enskill® platform quickly gaining adoption and praise by early customers
  • Seasoned team: management, product development, learning science, cultural anthropology
  • $3B near-term market opportunity leading to a $100B+ broader market
  • $100M near-term annual revenue potential
  • 112% target IRR on exit in 2022

Give us your name and email address and we’ll send you our investment prospectus. This is a 506(c) offering limited to accredited investors.

“If you want your students to have more self-confidence, Alelo is going to be your best option.”

Customer testimonial, Latin America