Alelo® Workplace Coach

Emily_choices_400Research shows that differences in social and work habits among the four generations present in today’s organizations ― amplified by rapid technological transformation, globalization and cultural diversity ― stress workplace dynamics, affecting success factors such as customer relations, workplace productivity, and employee recruitment and retention.

But “different” isn’t necessarily “bad”; properly cultivated multi-generational, cross-cultural workplaces contain the seeds of progress and success. The time to act is now; not resolving today’s workplace stresses will have serious negative organizational consequences in the very near future (see our white papers Overcoming Cross-Generational Problems in the Workplace and To Attract and Retain Millennial Talent, Develop Your Perspective-Taking Skills).

VCAT Taiwan BanquetThe Alelo® Workplace Coach is a training breakthrough grounded in proven pedagogy and social-science research that uses immersive, interactive Virtual Role-Play simulations of life-like situations to teach how to communicate and collaborate effectively across generations, cultures, mindsets and organizational levels. It is designed to benefit everyone – from executives to white- and blue-collar workers. Its rich and engaging learning experiences combine the low cost per student of self-paced solutions with the realism and personalization of live instruction.

Possible Target Applications

  • Customer relations, sales.
  • Leadership, teamwork.
  • Negotiation.
  • Fostering innovation and  creativity.
  • Employment interviews.
  • Handling discrimination and harassment.

How and Why It Works

  • Alelo VRP® is grounded in proven pedagogy and social-science research.
  • Learners understand differing mindsets by getting first-hand exposure to other perspectives.
  • Learners speak and choose screen-based options to interact with artificially intelligent characters that coach, challenge, encourage, and engage.
  • Learners get meaningful life-like feedback that instantly demonstrates the consequences of their behaviors.
  • Simulations include tasks and situations similar to what learners are likely to encounter in the real world.
  • Life-like practice without the risk of failure ensures that learners retain and sustain their acquired skills, and can confidently apply them.
  • The system automatically personalizes instruction based on each learner’s evolving competency profile.
  • Real-time performance metrics provide learners and their supervisors with continuous progress assessments.

Technical details

  • Custom-built courses to meet each organization’s requirements and budget.
  • Available as either standalone courses or part of blended-instruction.
  • Runs on desktops, laptops, mobile devices.
  • Compatible with learning management systems.



Download the Alelo® Workplace Coach brochure
Download the white paper “Overcoming Cross-Generational Problems in the Workplace”
Download the white paper “To Attract and Retain Millennial Talent, Develop Your Perspective-Taking Skills”

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