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Enskill English® and Enskill EPC®

Cloud-based learning platforms

Alelo offers educators two breakthrough teaching tools featuring our patented AI technology. Both run on Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers.

  • Enskill English – A proven method for teaching English using avatars that provide personalized feedback.

  • Enskill EPC – Customized avatar-based AI learning for a variety of curricula and languages.

Enskill English and Enskill EPC are subscription-based products priced on the number of users.

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Simulations with AI avatars
Get personalized feedback
Build confidence & eliminate poor habits

Alelo: Finalist for the British Council’s ELTons Award for Digital Innovation in English Language Teaching

It helps me to improve my classes and also it makes my classes very short and very communicative.

If you want your students to have more self-confidence, Alelo is going to be your best option.

Customize Enskill English or Enskill EPC!

Ask us about customizing exercises and simulations for your specific curriculum and languages.

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(for qualifying higher-ed institutions)