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Our Mission

Holistic Solutions to Achieve Rapid and Effective Language and Culture Training

Alelo identifies requisite communications skills and synthesizes instruction and technology to create practical, task-based training programs capable of producing a desired outcome. Put our award-winning software and patented artificial intelligence technology to work in any setting where the right language and culture training is the key to success:

Government Agency

Immerse each trainee in individually focused, mission-oriented training environments that are localized, contextualized and optimized for rapid adoption and long-term retention of language and culture skills.

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Use technology designed with military level precision to teach strategic and culturally appropriate communication skills, improving consistency, scalability and cost-efficiency over traditional training methods.

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Innovate your approach with methodology proven to heighten student self-confidence and success rates, while instantly combining instruction with real-world practice and real-time feedback.

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  • “I just wanted to tell you that I think your program is amazing! …the best way to prepare anyone for a real world encounter in the culture they study. I know from experience that this program gives a real advantage to those wanting to learn…Also, as a Masters student in linguistics who is very interested in Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL), there is nothing out there, in my opinion, that rivals the techniques and technological advances presented in these programs.”

    1LT, CA CA Team Chief, 405th CABN
  • “…Alelo is certainly a must-have tool for any scenario-based and strategic teaching of languages…What really sets Alelo’s language products apart from other language tools is the expert and thought-out scaffolding of all the language skills carefully embedded with the technology and in support of the learning process.”

    Faculty Development Specialist, DLIFLC
  • Alelo is by far the greatest language learning program I’ve tried so far, including Rosetta Stone… I’ve been telling everyone I can about Alelo… your content greatly surpasses all DLI (Defense Language Institute) resources that are currently available online… I’ll be sure to let my Company Commander know about this resource.”

    1stLt, U.S.Army FORSCOM
  • “I can tell you that knowing the language is of tremendous importance and goes a long way toward building rapport with our Afghan counterparts and the people we meet.”

    USMC 1stLt, Afghanistan
  • “…the material stands on its own. It is often said that content is the most important item in any training program and the Alelo materials prove this to be true. …. Engaging and challenging content delivered in a professional and user friendly fashion, what more would anyone want?”

    Language Technology Specialist, DLIELC
  • “The Pashto app is a prime program for someone who is interested in learning the language and talking with the people. To top it off, it’s mobile. You can’t really beat a program like this!”

    Retired U.S. Marine
  • “The program is great! I’ve tried at least four or five different language training software programs, and Tactical Language Pashto is by far the most interesting and useful one so far. Thanks for your help, and for your company’s efforts to support our soldiers in uniform.”

    1stLt, U.S.A FORSCOM
  • “I found your Iraqi Arabic program to be excellent and one of the reasons why my communication skills were effectively utilized with great success in conducting civil affairs assessments and interacting among leaders and villagers in Iraq. Kudos!”

    Staff Seargent, C/404th CA BN (ABN), Fort Dix, NJ
  • “Your program is extremely relevant and was useful for coordinating patrols in Afghanistan. Thank you for your work and I look forward to your products in the future.”

    Platoon Leader, U.S. Army
  • “The Iraqi Arabic I learned, coupled with Arabic learned in country, allowed me to create a stronger bond with the people, by communicating with them directly as opposed to through a translator while observing their culture and customs—which I believe caused the Iraqi people to open up to us more.”

    3rd Battalion, 7th Marine on the impact that “Tactical Iraqi” had on mission success
  • “The skill and language I learned help me talk with Iraqi locals so that I could figure out what their neighborhoods needed (power, water, trash clean-up etc.).”

    3rd Battalion, 7th Marine on the impact that “Tactical Iraqi” had on mission success
  • “TILTS impacted my success as well as 3/7. Iraqis saw that we were different from other Marines. I still have friends from Iraq calling me on my cell phone to keep in touch.”

    3rd Battalion, 7th Marine on the impact that “Tactical Iraqi” had on mission success