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Be Part of a Diverse Team

At Alelo, you’ll find pedagogy, linguistics, technology, media, sales and more under one state-of-the-art roof:

Below is a list of disciplines within which Alelo has recruited in the past:

  • Instructional design and development: Pedagogy, intelligent tutoring systems, interactive multimedia instruction, curriculum development, educational psychology, adult learning
  • Linguistics, foreign languages, anthropology
  • Natural language processing, computational linguistics
  • Software development and computer science: Artificial intelligence, software engineering and programming, modeling, simulation
  • Automated speech recognition
  • Video games
  • Human-computer interaction, human factors engineering
  • Graphics arts and animation
  • Media production
  • Sales, marketing and customer support

If you don’t see any listed opportunity that matches your skills, but believe that we are the right place for you, please send a general application.