New Faces Onboard at Alelo

Alelo welcomes two additions to our new reskilling product team. Both team members will help roll out reskilling solutions to the corporate market, specifically our new Community Health Worker training course and placement program to healthcare providers and employers.

Katie Robinson, Community Health Worker Instructor

Katie leads the class instruction for our new Community Health Worker course. Trainees in the course role-play online with artificially intelligent avatars in realistic workplace scenarios to learn vital on-the-job skills. The AI-driven simulations deliver personalized exercises in only areas of improvement. Katie hosts weekly webinars introducing each topic to be practiced with an avatar. She then monitors role-playing performance through a dashboard to identify trainees who may be struggling. This makes it possible for Katie to support a large number of trainees, focusing on only those who need help. After the avatar-led course, Katie will validate that trainees have mastered competencies and are ready for the field.

Katie has been board certified in hospice and palliative nursing since 2011. She obtained a Master of Science in Nursing with a focus in executive nurse leadership in 2018, followed by a Ph.D. in Nursing with a research specialty in palliative and end of life care in 2020. Katie began teaching at San Diego City College in 2018 and is currently an Assistant Professor and Community Health Course Lead at California State University, San Marcos. Katie takes pride in building a career outside the four walls of a hospital, meeting clients and families wherever they call home.

Ashley Carreira, Community Health Worker Program Navigator

Ashley helps find, vet, and onboard candidates for the Community Health Worker course. She makes sure candidates have a smooth online experience with our technology and arranges peer exercises with other trainees. At course completion, Ashley works with employers to place candidates in jobs and follows candidates for 90 days after hire to ensure success in the new position.

Ashley has nine years of work experience in various public health sectors and has served as a community health educator, a case manager, and a care coordinator. Her career focus has been on community education and prevention efforts, and she has worked on the COVID-19 pandemic response. She received her Bachelors of Science in Public Health followed by a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree from Southern Connecticut State University.

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