Alelo Launches Flagship Corporate Training Product in 5 Days!

Alelo has long been the world-leader in avatar-based experiential learning for academia and government.

Now we’re pleased to release our flagship product for the corporate market on Monday, May 10th. The new product will focus on upskilling and reskilling workers at least twice as fast as conventional training methods.

While the product technology will work for many industries, our first industry of focus is public health. Working in partnership with the Hampton Roads Workforce Council, Alelo’s new Community Health Worker Reskilling program will train unemployed and underemployed workers in Hampton Roads, Virginia to be public health workers in eight weeks. “This course not only places workers without a college education in jobs with a living wage and high career potential, but it also meets the critical shortage of public health workers in our local communities“ explains Alelo CEO, Dr. W. Lewis Johnson. The program provides guaranteed job interviews with local employers, and ongoing support for 90 days after hire to ensure candidate success. “We’re proud to be a part of a program doing so much good,” continues Johnson.

With the help of non-profit sponsors, Alelo is looking to expand the Community Health Worker Reskilling program in other cities where low-wage workers are disproportionately unemployed or underemployed. In collaboration with The Rural Workforce Accelerator – an initiative by Nxt Wave Founders – Alelo is targeting Los Angeles for expansion. “Alelo’s artificial intelligence and machine learning core competency product will help integrate our HoodTalent solution to screen and qualify workers for career pathways including paid pre-internship/internships and direct placement into living-wage jobs,” comments Luisa Bracamonte, Founder and CEO of Nxt Wave Founders, Inc.

Alelo will soon be tackling the manufacturing market with a second upskilling product. Lack of language skills in English-as-a-second-language manufacturing workers can impact safety, quality, and job advancement. Leveraging Alelo’s award-winning Enskill® English program, Alelo will offer manufacturers a quick way to upskill workers with the English skills needed on the job. The product is expected to release in the next couple of months.

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