Alelo’s CEO Gets Real in a Meet the Founder Podcast with Angel Notes


Alelo CEO Lewis Johnson connects with Manuel Bleve from Angel Notes to discuss the ins and outs of Alelo’s equity crowdfunding offering in this Meet The Founder Podcast. Listen to the full podcast or use these timestamps to fast forward to the questions of most interest to you:


00:32 First of all, let’s tell our listeners what Alelo is about. What are you working on?

01:08 So, what’s your background, and what inspired you to start Alelo? How and why was the company created?

01:50 What is your business model? How are you gonna make money? Who are your customers, and how are you gonna reach and acquire them?

03:18 You are trying to transition from a project-based business model where you mainly work on development projects for the government to a SaaS business model with a focus on commercial customers. It looks like this is at the same time the biggest risk and the best opportunity for the company. What do your customers look like in 2020? What percentage of revenue comes from commercial users? And what type of commercial customers are you targeting specifically?

06:08 I see that you are focusing mainly on B2B right now. Do you have any plan to develop a product for a B2C offering in the future? If not, would you mind elaborate on that?

06:45 With regards to your partnership with Laureate International Universities, would you like to give us more details on this partnership?

08:00 How does your traction look like in the HR space?

09:15 All of the company’s products represent a huge market, and I love that. However, I’m a little bit concerned that there’s a risk the company is working on too many things at once. I saw many different startups failing because they weren’t able to focus on a specific market and conquer it. I don’t think this is the case, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on that

12:15 I see that you offer custom curriculums, and that’s great. But I guess, correct me if I’m wrong, that this is not as scalable as a plug-and-play SaaS model. What type and how many pre-built products/curriculums do you have right now? What percentage of your 2020 revenue came from pre-built curriculums and what from custom curriculums? And what are your thoughts about scalability?

18:15 Regarding your HR product, I see that you have some serious competitors out there and that you’re trying to secure partnerships with them to integrate your AI into their products. I took a look at your competitors’ websites and see that they offer some artificial intelligence solutions. Would you mind elaborating a little bit more on how do you differ from them and what would you like to offer them?

20:30 I can see from your form C that you had a regulation D offering three years ago. Did you have any other round before? Or you bootstrapped the business before that?

23:25 According to your form C, almost all the company’s debt had a maturity date of 2020 or early 2021. Would you mind giving us an update on the company’s finances? Has all the debt been paid out? Do you have secured any other debt in the meantime?

25:00 The company currently holds 2 issued patents. Would you like to tell us a little bit more about that? What do the patents protect? Are they held by the company or by an individual? Why did you decide to secure patents instead of keeping trade secrets?

27:00 What do you believe is the biggest risk for the company?

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