Alelo Expanding in Scandinavia!


Thomas Hansen has just joined Alelo as its representative in Scandinavia. Thomas previously collaborated with Alelo as project lead at VIFIN (Videnscenter for Integration) on the Danish Simulator project, an award-winning immersive game that introduced immigrants to Danish language and culture. He became so convinced of the potential of Alelo technology that he has signed on as a shareholder and sales representative.

Thomas Hansen commented, “In Scandinavia, and Europe as a whole, I see Alelo’s Enskill technology having a hugely beneficial impact, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 changes–the economic dislocations, the insights and opportunities discussed in how to acquire new skills and providing learning opportunities. Clearly, there is a need for tools like Enskill that help people quickly, and intelligently, develop new skills, so they can qualify for new jobs and adapt to new situations.”

Thomas will be helping Alelo address the urgent need in Europe for rapid reskilling of workers who have lost jobs due to COVID-19 or who are entering the highly competitive job market for the first time.


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