Alelo’s Enskill 3: Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Address Needs Due to COVID-19

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The COVID-19 era has been a difficult time for students and teachers alike. Some students have adjusted well to the online environment, but students who lack good access to computers and the Internet have had difficulty keeping up with online classes. It is harder for teachers to provide students with the support that they need. As a result, when students return to class later this year, some will be farther behind than they were a year before.

Alelo’s webinar series on the future of artificial intelligence (AI) in education and training has examined how AI can help overcome the needs of teachers and learners under COVID-19, even for learners with limited access to computing resources. These findings have motivated the development of Enskill 3, a new version of Alelo’s Enskill AI platform designed to help teachers better support learners studying remotely, and help learners recover lost ground and continue to advance.

Under COVID-19, instructors find it difficult to track students working remotely and identify which ones are struggling and need support. Enskill 3’s new instructor dashboard provides not only exercise scores but also metrics of learner effort and progress toward proficiency. Instructors can see immediately which students are productively engaged and which students are failing to make progress.

English language learners returning to class after extended periods away from school will likely experience decreases in spoken proficiency. Enskill 3 is designed to identify communicative competencies that have degraded over time and help learners recover proficiency through practice. Students can quickly regain lost proficiency and then work to further improve.

Many students studying at home or in hybrid learning programs lack adequate access to computers and high-bandwidth networking. Enskill 3 provides enhanced support for delivery on mobile phones, and also supports lightweight courses that utilize a minimum of bandwidth. This builds on Alelo’s extensive experience delivering immersive learning products to military learners who are deployed overseas in low-bandwidth environments.

Learners working at home are sometimes tempted to take shortcuts; for example, to use Google Translate instead of completing language exercises themselves. It is very difficult to take shortcuts and get high scores using Enskill 3, and the analytics on the instructor dashboard make clear which students might be doing so.

Enskill 3 enhancements build on top of Alelo’s proven AI-based capabilities for learning and assessment. Analyses of learner performance data, confirmed by instructors’ own assessments, show that learners using Enskill improve spoken communication skills through practice and retain it well over time. I will be presenting the latest findings at the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education on July 8.

Alelo is now taking subscription orders for Enskill 3-based courses for classes in the fall. Contact us for a free trial.

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