Alelo Taking Off in the Arabian Gulf!


Right after schools in the United Arab Emirates closed due to COVID-19, a leading higher educational institution started a trial using Alelo Enskill with their local students. Multiple departments took part in the trial. Suna Nakhare, the instructor that led the trial, has become so convinced of Enskill’s potential that she strongly believes that it can be introduced to other schools and institutions in the Emirates. She has become one of Alelo’s strongest advocates in the Gulf Region!

Suna Nakhare commented, “In the COVID-19 economic environment, students must have strong communication skills in order to get good jobs. Alelo’s AI-driven approach helps students develop proficiency as well as self-confidence. This can be a big advantage in a highly competitive job market.”

Alelo is providing extended-period trials to higher-ed institutions during COVID-19 to help ease the burden these institutions face with the drastic shift to online learning. With the school year and trial at the leading higher-ed institution in the Emirates coming to a close, we’ll be discussing full adoption of Enskill in the next semester.


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