Alelo’s Fundraising Campaign to Transform Online Learning During and After COVID-19

COVID-19 is driving the rapid adoption of digital learning technologies. This will forever change the way people learn, even after the pandemic is over. Alelo has launched an Equity Crowdfunding fundraising campaign to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by COVID-19 and help transform learning for years to come.

When the COVID-19 crisis hit and schools and training centers closed, people were focused on getting used to the new videoconferencing tools such as Zoom. As we discussed in our webinar Developing Communication Skills in the Age of Social Distancing, it is hard to provide a learning experience as good as face-to-face instruction using videoconferencing tools, especially for skills that require practice. As people are gaining more experience with videoconferencing the shortcomings are more widely recognized.

The good news is that, once programs have switched over to digital learning tools such as videoconferencing, it is easier to introduce additional digital tools and integrate them into the learning experience. This provides a unique opportunity for AI-driven learning products.

Artificial intelligence can provide both trainers and learners the added support that they need when undergoing social distancing. Learners practice new skills in interactive AI-driven learning environments, and get individualized feedback and automatically generated personalized instruction. Trainers have access to data and analytics about learner progress and difficulties, so they can adapt training to the needs of their learners. When learners attend videoconference classes with their instructors, they come better prepared so classes run more smoothly and learners make more rapid progress.

Educational programs using Alelo’s AI-driven Enskill® platform are achieving good results: better learning outcomes, more learner self-confidence, and more efficient use of classroom time. Equity crowdfunding will enable us to offer Enskill to a wider training audience worldwide. We are particularly interested in helping workers quickly develop the skills that they will need in the new economy, and help employers evaluate and hire the right candidates. This will become a challenge worldwide when the immediate crisis passes and organizations are seeking to rebuild their staffs. Ultimately our goal is to open up Enskill so that organizations can create their own AI-driven training modules and assessments.

We predict that this digital transformation will have a lasting impact on training and education. Although in-person training will resume, people are going to continue to take advantage of the benefits that AI-driven learning can offer. We can expect to see more blended learning programs, which combine the best of instructor-led learning—in person or online—and the best of AI-driven learning.

The COVID-19 era is one of hardship for us all. But if there is one consolation it is that out of this can come lasting improvements in training and education. We at Alelo are playing a key role in that transformation.

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